wedding photography faq

You can expect nothing less than a truly personalized and unparalleled experience when you hire me as your destination wedding photographer in Germany and Europe.

Expect a personal, honest, and authentic approach capturing the true emotions and special moments of your day. An imagery that truly reflects your personalities and tells the story of your journey in a timeless way.

From our first get to know till I handover your final wedding pictures, I will work closely with you to understand your vision and create an imagery that is tailored to your needs.

wedding photography faq

On your wedding day, I will be there to capture every precious moment, from the morning dew to the last dance. My keen eye for detail and my ability to catch fleeting moments will ensure that every picture tells the story of your special day.

You can expect your story to be a real, raw, atmospheric and timeless work of art that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Of course, you can expect a professional and friendly service to make sure you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

I will be discreet and unobtrusive, allowing you to fully enjoy your day while I document all the important moments.

Most importantly, you can expect me to be dedicated to providing you with a photography experience that will leave you with lasting memories you will cherish forever.

Don't settle for anything less than the best on your wedding day.

f. A.Q

Q: What is your approach to wedding photography?

Q: What do we get?

As your wedding photographer, I offer comprehensive accompany to perfectly capture your special day. This includes:

  • A personal get to know so I can understand your exact wishes and ideas.
  • Your well-prepared package of video guide and planning meeting to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.
  • My presence on the day of your wedding for sure.
  • A sneak peak so you can get a taste of your beautiful photos soon.
  • Finished, edited photos in high resolution without watermarks. You can expect about 50 photos per hour
  • An online gallery so you and your guests can easily view and share the photos from anywhere.
  • At 8 hours or more, there is also an analog wooden box with prints and a USB stick so you have a lasting memory of your wedding.
  • Unlimited Package also includes a 50-page wedding album (I'll tell you about it in our Get to Know You session if you like)

To truly capture the essence of a wedding day, one must approach it from an authentic point of view. This means understanding the bride and groom's personal story, their individual personalities, and their vision for their wedding day. It means being present in the moment, but also being discreet, allowing the couple and their guests to fully enjoy the day without feeling self-conscious or interrupted. Learn more about my philosophy.

Q: How do you handle destination weddings?

I am an experienced destination wedding photographer and have had the privilege of capturing weddings throughout Europe and Germany. I understand the planning efforts for a wedding from abroad and I am more than happy to work with you to create a seamless photography experience for you.

Q: Can you accommodate our schedule?

Q: How can we book you?

Of course! I know that every wedding is unique and I look forward to learning more about your ideas and wishes. There will always be a time when we can meet. To keep it simple, I use Calendly for this.

Time is the most scarce and precious resource you have. Especially when planning your wedding. My goal is to provide an easy and seamless booking process that answers all your questions and saves you time. It takes more or less the time of an episode of your favorite show and has 4 steps only.

1. Please fill out the contact form.

2. I will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. If your date is available, I will send you a Welcome-Link to Calendly where you can choose a time to schedule our initial video call.

3. This first meeting is important. It is about a first exchange, feeling and liking each other. And to be honest, this doesn't take 2 hours. Anything beyond 30-45 minutes is nice, but won't really affect your decision. In this call, I will also inform you about your options and the investment.

4. After our meeting you will have some days to make your decision. The booking process itself is simple and completely online.

Q: Why is there no price list here?

For one simple reason: I believe that price should not be the deciding factor when choosing the right wedding photographer, but rather the quality of the images and the personal connection.

I know sometimes it's easier to just look at the price. I also do that when I shop online. But wedding photography is not a product, it is an individual service.

A personal meeting is the best way to get to know us and to clarify all questions regarding your investment.

But to give you an idea: Weddings and elopements on Fridays and Saturdays with 8 hours coverage start at €2900. Short but sweet civil weddings with 2 hours coverage start at €850. A couples photo session starts at €550. Travel costs: Berlin is included; Germany & Europe starting at €100 and vary depending on accessibility and distance.

Q: What happens if you get sick?

In 10 years as a wedding photographer, I have never had to cancel a wedding. However, in the unlikely event that I do have to cancel due to illness, I have a large referral network to call upon to find an equal replacement. So you can look forward to your wedding and beautiful memories without having to worry.