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Julia and Felix got married on Manor Sarnow in Northern Germany. Her summer barn wedding was a wonderful celebration.

Wedding Manor Germany | Julia and Felix wished for a perfect summer day for their barn wedding with a free wedding ceremony and they got it. A light breeze blows across the open field. The groom, Felix, arrives on the large meadow and waits anxiously for his bride. The ceremony, officiated by a good friend of the two, begins with sunshine, some wind and clouds. These are the best conditions a couple could wish for a summer wedding. Pleasant temperatures and an atmospheric, slightly subdued light. The large tree in the clearing provides plenty of shade, so there is no need for umbrellas or awnings. Good, reduced and beautiful!

Julia enters the clearing with her maid of honor, coming out of a small forest. There are still a few meters to go before the outdoor wedding, and the tension is rising. When Felix and Julia see each other for the first time, it becomes very emotional. Tears of joy flow. These are the unique moments I love to document. Real feelings flow through us, nothing is staged or scripted. The whole ceremony is emotional. Julia and Felix read their vows to each other and their loved ones gossip. In a very minimalist way, they did not exchange the rings they already had at the registry office. When it was time to leave, Julia and Felix took their guests to Gut Sarnow. The mood now shifts to a happy and relaxed celebration.

After the congratulations, we arrange to meet for the bride and groom photoshoot. We start with daughter Clara, who is in a good mood. Celebrating a wedding with a baby is wonderful. But it also requires a lot of attention and sensitivity. Babies and toddlers don't follow schedules. Don't shoot them if they're tired or have something else on their mind. That's why I always include flexibility in my photo scheduling. It fits when it fits. Luckily, daughter Clara had a lot of fun during the shoot, and it came at just the right time.

Then Julia and Felix walked around the property together. They enjoyed the time together and the little break from the hustle and bustle in special places like the big barn or the fruit tree alley. They just wanted and enjoyed their shoot. It really releases energy on your own wedding day to have just a few minutes to yourself. You get into a natural flow and the rest almost happens by itself. I love being a part of these celebrations and helping to shape them photographically.