Wedding in the woods


Wedding in the woods

Are you planning to celebrate your love in the midst of nature with a magical forest wedding? Discover the unique charm of a woodland wedding like Roslyn and Oliver and create your unforgettable memories amidst the serene ambiance of the woods.

Wedding in the woods | Forest weddings have recently become increasingly popular due to their natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, making them a great location for a romantic and intimate ceremony. The wedding of Roslyn and Oliver in the forest is an example of this, as they exchanged their vows amidst many trees and the rustling of leaves in a secluded forest in Germany. The natural setting added a certain uniqueness to their special day.

Aside from the aesthetics, forest weddings also offer a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option for couples looking to reduce their impact on the environment. By having a wedding in the forest, couples can support the preservation of natural habitats and reduce their footprint. There are many forests in Europe that are suitable for weddings, each with its own charm and character. For example, the Black Forest in Germany is known for its mystical and dark atmosphere, while the Ardennes forests in Belgium offer stunning panoramic views.

Before planning your forest wedding, it is important to consider some things. It is important to research the local regulations and permits required for a wedding in a forest, as well as potential hazards such as inclement weather or encounters with wildlife. Having a backup plan for unexpected weather conditions is also essential.

Returning to Roslyn and Oliver, who began their forest shoot after their outdoor ceremony in the rain. Because even this rainy ceremony thrilled me, the tears of joy from Roslyn and the enchanting naturalness and ease of the two. Their connection and trust, their love, is incredible and unwavering. I believe they are not afraid of anything as a couple, and that impresses me to this day. They are also very beautiful, but that's beside the point.

They are my inspiration for naturalness and authenticity in wedding photography. You may be wondering how to get such images? Well, it's this openness and flexibility to deal positively with situations. Let's be honest: Would you have been annoyed by the rain in mid-August, the absolute peak of summer and wedding season? Well, it would have annoyed me a little, to be honest. But not the two of them. They enjoyed their day to the fullest, even though it was more or less drowned in gray and occasional rain showers. I also believe that even more rain wouldn't have spoiled their wedding celebration by far.

And then there were their strong feelings for each other, which they could and wanted to show so beautifully and uninhibitedly - at no point did they think about their schedule in their heads, no "what's next" or "is the food here yet?"

Just be there and trust that everything will work out on site and your guests will be taken care of. Because most of the time, that's exactly what happens. Your guests can manage without you. Why is this approach worth it? For your relaxed wedding day, with natural and authentic wedding photos and lots of joy.

If that's exactly what you want, feel free to contact me. Whether in Germany or another "wooded" country - authentic memories are created where you are!