Melanies urban, minimalistic bridal shoot in Berlin-Germany just before her wedding

Wedding dress Europe Shoot, Berlin-Germany | This bridal shoot has become a precious project close to my heart. You might already have seen one or another picture on Instagram - and now there is the picture story.

For a long time I wasn’t sure to post it because it is a little different from a usual wedding reportage or styled shoot, but they magically attract me. On the one hand, there is this urban setting in a German car park. Minimalism, calm and cool, no decorations, no flowers, a lot of concrete. And a modern and elegant bride from Canada.

Melanie was already engaged when she did this shoot and a few weeks later, during the covid lockdown, she got married in a very small ceremony in the Bavarian Alps, Germany.

What the story and setting is about: Melanie is a self-confident woman, in love and expectation of her big day. Will all invited guest come? Will everyone feel comfortable? Will it be a great party? But alongside all the noise and thoughts, there is trust and confidence. Our idea and inspiration for this shoot is a strong and independent woman.

I am looking forward to do many more shoots, elopements and weddings like this.