urban wedding germany


urban wedding germany

Karo & Koni eloped and got married in an urban atmosphere in Berlin, Germany

Urban Wedding Berlin-Germany | If I would organize my minimalistic elopement in the heart of Berlin, this is what it would look like. As you can see from the elopement shooting of Karo and Koni, even a small shoot can unfold a lot of magic.

You might ask how?

If the setting, the atmosphere and the weather are right. If the planning remains simple, the outfits contain individual and authentic details and the bridal couple does not depend on the outside, are full of themselves and funny, can be with each other from the bottom of their hearts. This creates the greatest possible authenticity in an elopement photo story.

The zebra crossing in Friedrichshain was a highlight for the wedding couple, Grünberger Street became their personal Abbey Road - it sounds like the Beatles "Oh! Darling". Above all, the wind played wonderfully with Karos Veil and walking across the zebra crossing together put both into a good mood.

Of course you have to like urban chic. The eloped couple love this urban part of Berlin just as much as classic locations in the Centre. It's ultimately a simple question: Do you feel comfortable with the location, can you identify with the venue? If the answer is yes, there is no need to hesitate or think about anyone else. It's your wedding.

My wish for the wedding universe 2023/2024: More of those please!