heiraten im sommer
summer wedding germany

A wedding day is a unique and deeply personal celebration of love between two individuals. It is a day that marks the beginning of a new chapter in your live, one that is filled with commitment, promise, and hope.

As wedding photographer in Germany and Europe, it is my honor and privilege to be the visual storyteller of your special day.

In my belief a wedding is not just a series of posed and perfect shots, but a collection of special moments that truly reflect the personalities of the couple and tell the story of their journey and natural love.

I strive to capture the raw, real and unscripted moments that are going to happen: the laughter, tears, hugs and kisses, the joy and love that surround the bride and groom and their guests. Even the things that go wrong, because we will always remember these little spin-offs.

The photographs that result from this approach are not just beautiful, they tell an everlasting love story. They evoke the emotions and memories of a special day, allowing you to relive it every time you look at them.

I take this responsibility seriously, and I am committed to providing my clients with an imagery that truly reflects their feelings related to the beginning of their new chapter together.