heiraten im sommer
summer wedding germany

In my opinion, good wedding photos are not a series of posed, organized, and perfected shots. Rather, they are a unique collection of special moments that showcase your personality and connection.

My approach is to capture real and natural moments: Laughter, tears, joy and love in a special atmosphere. But also the little things that go wrong. "Do you remember when..." That's how many sentences start when we remember....

For example, I was once allowed to photograph a wedding where the bride tore the strap of her wedding dress during the congratulations. In case you're wondering how that turned out.... luckily well! Her sister had an emergency sewing kit with her. I will always remember this little story.

Wedding photos taken this way are not only beautiful, they tell a real and honest story. They evoke the emotions of a unique and irretrievable day and bring it back to life every time you look at them.

I take this responsibility very seriously and feel obligated to give you images that will revive your feelings and memories over and over again.