alternative couple photo shoot


Alternative couple photoshoot

Capture the essence of your unique love with an intimate and unconventional couple photoshoot at home or your dream location. Let me capture your very own personalized photo adventure story.

Alternative couple photoshoot | Last summer I was allowed to take very personal and unconventional couple photos for Marianna and Max. Her home story radiates an intimate atmosphere, a lot of closeness and love and I am happy to be able to show it to you.

What is special about a shoot in your own four walls? At home you move about freely, you know every corner and your favorite spots. Your favorite place shows how you live, your personality, individually and as a couple. What strikes me in Marianna and Max's apartment is the reduction to the essentials. Clear rooms, subtle colors and individual accents. Her minimalist and clear furnishing style radiates calm and order, sharpens the focus on her and what is happening. Nothing distracts.

I especially like the atmosphere between the two. You are completely with yourself and don't let the soft clicking of the camera or my presence bother you at all. It's actually noon already, but it feels like a slightly sleepy Sunday morning - even though we're shooting in the middle of the week. But in the quiet backyard of the urban city, we only hear a few birds chirping and the bedspread rustling.

Of course, the two explored their comfort zone for their somewhat different couple shoot. Her courage was rewarded with this photo story. Only when we test our limits and leave our comfort zone do we achieve extraordinary results. This is a universal law, not just in wedding and couple photography, but in all of life.

Of course, this doesn't have to be an intimate shoot at home. Just think about what you as a couple have always wanted to experience together and have not yet done. For example a shooting at the lake or at the sea. There are hundreds of examples in Germany and Europe. To name a few: how about an elopement on the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea or the Portuguese Atlantic coast? Or something smaller on Lake Chiemsee, Lake Constance or Lake Tegernsee? At Lago di Garda, Lago Maggiore not to forget Italy. Then of course there is the shooting in the mountains. Of course, the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Zurich Oberland and the Mattertal as well as Tyrol and the Salzburger Land in Austria are available to fulfill your dreams and wishes. And me too, of course, to accompany you photographically!

Do you want to leave your comfort zone and get your very personal photo story? Just get in touch with me, I would be happy to accompany a small part of your journey.